Prix de Luxe is an exploration in bodily adornment and the understated.
A belief that true style is personal, simple and sometimes quiet.

The Prix de Luxe aesthetic presents classic, elemental and sensualistic ideas. Jewellery should accentuate the human form, foremost. The relationship between the body and the jewellery is as much a focus as the ornament itself.

The Prix de Luxe collections are inspired by a multitude of influences; from mood, to the Elements, the notion of subtext, instincts and the female form.

The Prix de Luxe vision is to create pieces that are authentic and personal - regardless of fashion or trend, or whether the intended statement is a whisper or a roar.

Creations are designed and assembled by hand in Sydney, Australia from local and internationally sourced materials.

Designer statement : Prix de Luxe :: L'Histoire